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Nuno carrying the Vango backpack as he arrives in Nha Trang.

The winning Backpack

The main item for any backpacker is a proper backpack.
Also essential, is the realization that you’ll need to travel with the least amount of things possible. Fewer things mean less weight on your back, more mobility and comfort. As two practical guys, we decided that one big backpack will be enough for the both of us.

The process of choosing the ideal backpack started by analyzing the needs and challenges we could encounter while traveling.


The requirements for the perfect backpack:

– Easy access to the whole interior;
– Flight cover or removable straps for an easy airport check-in;
– Capacity of 70 to 80 liters;
– A small detachable daypack;
– Easily adjustable straps considering it will be carried by two different people;
– Comfortable padded shoulder straps;
– Rain cover;
– Approximate cost: 150€


The brands

We headed to Google and started the search.
The main brands are, Haglöfs, Deuter, Eagle Creek, Osprey, Patagonia, Monte Campo, Rei, Kelty, Jansport, Lowe Alpine, Tangoworld, Mammut, Karrimor, Caribee and The North Face.

Nuno was responsible for listing them all. He spent several days looking for backpacks and as a conscious consumer, arranging all the information on Excel (yeah, he’s that kind of guy).

The three finalists were: *Drum rolls*
– Vango Freedom 60+20,
– Deuter Traveler 60+10,
– Osprey Farpoint 55 (40+15).

Backpack, Vango, Freedom


The winner

We decided to buy the Vango Freedom 60+20.
The only downside to this backpack was that the rain cover wasn’t included, so we had to buy it separately for an extra €15.


The purchase

Vango has an online store but they don’t ship to Portugal.
Luckily we found the website Noite de Campo that sold Vango backpacks in Portugal, but the model we wanted. We contacted the store anyways and asked if they could get the Vango Freedom, and they actually did! A month later the backpack arrived with no delivery charge.

The backpack ended up as a birthday gift to Nuno from all of his friends.


Check the video for more details on the subject:



If you have any questions about the Vango Freedom 60+20, please leave it in the comments below. Thanks for stopping by!



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4 thoughts on “The winning Backpack

  1. Hi guys, I’m about to buy this backpack thanks to your blog post, just one question: when you’re wearing the main backpack, can the detached small backpack be attachated on the front(your chest)? I mean, is the main image of your blog the vango 60+20? Thanks and good luck!

    1. Hi Alex!
      Yes, the image on the blog post is the Vango 60+20. Sometimes we use the daypack in the front to divide the total weight. But it isn’t attachable to the main backpack that way, we just prefer to use it like that.

    1. Obrigado Cláudia.
      Esperamos que o post te tenha sido útil.

      E obrigado pelo primeiro comentário no blog! 😉

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