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Gravy  [grey-vee] / noun
Something that adds flavor to life.

Hi, we’re Mário and Nuno from Portugal.
We started this travel blog as a way to document our trip and keep in touch with friends. Currently, after having traveled many countries for 5 months straight, we can proudly say we’ve gathered a bunch practical information and stories that can help other independent travelers.


Nuno and Mario in Cambodia


How can this blog serve you

Traveling on a budget doesn’t mean moldy dorm rooms and a cold soup for lunch. You don’t need to be rich to travel if you’re willing to be flexible, that’s what our personal experiences taught us and that’s what we want to show and tell.

You probably have your own travel goals but find it hard to begin, right? What’s the first step? We get it – establishing the resolution to travel it’s easy but the follow through it’s hard.

But we can help. Planetgravy is a blog on how to navigate abroad embedded in stories that will boost your desire to travel. The stories we share are real and the strategies for stretching your money do work!
Traveling is a great catalyst of change and the best way to challenge your perspective, so neither money nor fear should stop you from doing it.


Nuno wearing sunglasses on the Beach


Read up, leave a comment, ask questions and connect with like-minded people with a desire for travel and get inspired by the ones on the road. Together we can hold each other accountable by sharing support and guidance on what to do or where to go. Mutual accountability, like a Weight Watchers of travel.  😀

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Tasting the gravy

Growing up as millennials in Europe came with its perks:

– Low-cost airlines
– The Schengen Agreement

The ease of traveling to a different country in a couple of hours gave us a bad case of travel addiction and an acquired taste for the world. However, our 7-day trips on our two-week vacation from work began to feel predictable and dull. We wanted distant whereabouts, radical cultural exchanges. You know, like Asia or Australia which are kind of on the other side of the world…


Mario sitting down and looking up


But as time went on and we started to fit the mold of responsible adults, our dreams for traveling the world and for a badass life experience got compromised. When would we get the opportunity to pick up a backpack and just go? Eventually someday, right? *cough*

We made the decision to jump in March 2016.
With a limited budget and humble travel qualifications, we managed to push each other anyways. Step by step we held one another accountable to do what needed to be done:

– Money saving
– Job quitting
– Telling our parents
– Vaccination
– Extensive planning


Fast-forward to now: it was the best decision we could have made! Go over to the blog and check all our adventures, we’ll keep you posted.

Thanks for passing by and we hope you stick around.








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