Gravy  [grey-vee] / noun
The thing that adds flavor to life.

Growing up in Portugal came with its perks, namely: easy access to low-cost airlines, and the ability to travel to any European country in a couple of hours. However, the annual 2-week vacation trips to neighboring countries became predictable and we wanted more. We longed-for clashing cultural exchanges somewhere on the other side of the world.

But then, as we started to fit the mold of responsible adults (long workweeks, car payments, and back pain) the more traveling the world seemed unfeasible.

The decision to Travel Long Term

We decided to stop waiting and just go for it in 2016.
With humble travel qualifications, we did what needed to be done, starting by:

• Saving money
• Travel planning
• Telling the family
• Quitting our jobs
• Vaccinate

Fast-forward to now: it was the best decision we could have made! So much so, that we kept doing it.

What Planetgravy can do for you

Planetgravy is all about making travel planning easy.
The stories that Nuno and I share on the blog are real, the strategies for stretching your money on the road work, and every travel guide we write is up to date and as complete as can be.

Chefchaouen Morroco Planetgravy Travel

We firmly believe that traveling on a budget doesn’t mean stinky dorm rooms and a stale sandwich from 7 Eleven. If you’re willing to be flexible, you don’t need to be rich to have the best travel experiences.

Nuno and Mario at Angkor

What you’ll find on the blog

• City guides and itineraries with maps
• Money saving tips
• Fee-free alternatives
• The best transport deals
• Travel videos
• Encouragement and support

So whether you’re planning your holiday or the trip of a lifetime, you can start here.
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Nuno in Bali