We live in a technologic world, smartphones are everywhere and you’re probably reading this post on one. There are more than 100.000 travel apps to make your life easier while you’re on the road, you don’t need to carry around a map that folds out to be the size of a beach towel anymore.

We will be talking about the best travel apps, the ones we use and recommend. Most of them can be used offline because, let’s get real: if you get lost in the middle of a rice paddy in Indonesia, chances are you’re not going to find any Wi-Fi hotspots.


Daily Expenses

Nuno already used this app daily and was quite pleased with it, so we now use it to keep a record and control our day to day expenses on the road. It’s intuitive and allows you to organize your earnings and expenses. It can show the information divided by time, days, months or category of expense in text and in graphic form.

It’s available in several languages and currencies and let you schedule ahead money movements like wages or payments. It’s like having all your financial records in your pocket.

There’s a free and a paid version (2,5€) and it’s only available for Android:

Google play – Daily Expenses



We use this app several times a day, usually before we buy something to know how much it costs in euros. It’s a currency conversion app with ten different currencies on an initial panel (chosen by you). It’s fast, super easy to use and it really comes in handy when you’re negotiating prices. It always gives you the latest Exchange rates but unfortunately, all vendors will have their own rate and that’s the one they’ll use.


XE Currency App


We use the free version for Android and Windows phone. The Android version is way more user-friendly:

Google Play – XE
Windows Store – XE



We heard about this one on the road and immediately surrendered to it.
When connected to the internet you can download the map of the country you’re visiting to your phone, getting there just turn the GPS signal (no internet needed anymore) and get globe-trotting!

It’s a free app with an open map that works on the same premise as Wikipedia: you can add more places and information as you go along and upload them for others to use. It’s possible to pinpoint restaurants, gas stations, viewpoints, hospitals, hotels and so on.


Maps.me app


Maps.me is available on Google Play and iOS but not available for Windows phone yet.
On a personal note, it would be cool if users could save places as favorites in their accounts.

Google Play – Maps.me
App Store – Maps.me



Travelling comes with taking pictures especially if you have an Instagram account like we do *Insert plug here: Instagram*. Most of our photos go through Snapseed. It’s very simple and intuitive and lets you touch up the brightness, shadows and saturation, crop photos and applying filters among other useful stuff. That being said, if you have photo retouching OCD it won’t be enough, you’ll still need Photoshop.

It’s available for Android and iOS, but not for Windows phone:

Google Play – Snapseed
App Store – Snapseed



All of us travelers want to book cheap accommodation and we want it fast!
The Agoda app gives you access to discounts that you won’t find on the website. Quite cool when you have a limited budget, just be sure to always add the 10% tax to the final price. Look for the Mobile Deals or Insider Tips, they’re usually worth it!


Agoda app

Available for all smartphones:

Google Play – Agoda
Windows Store – Agoda
App Store – Agoda



A hotel booking app similar to Agoda.
You can manage and cancel your reservations here. There are advantages to be registered and logged in: the app and the website will show you some “secret deals” that sometimes can reach 50% off, so do yourself a favor and spend 3 minutes registering. It’s worth it.

Available for the all operating systems:

Google Play – Booking
Windows Store – Booking
App Store – Booking



If you’re traveling through Southeast Asia and need to catch a plane, there’s no way around it, sooner or later you’re going to fly on AirAsia.
The Airline app still has a buggy search engine, but it’s still useful for check-ins and to access special discounts.

Available for Android, iOS and Windows Phone:

Google Play – AirAsia
Windows Store – AirAsia
App Store – AirAsia


Google Translator

Handy when you get to a restaurant with no English menu and you’re really hungry. Especially if you have some dietary restrictions and are trying to avoid eating dog, or frog. It happened. Nuno ordered frog thinking it was chicken. Chicken of the pond!
Download the app and the dictionary on the language you’ll need and save yourself some trouble. Plus, you can actually learn something while using it! Frog = Con êch.

Available for Android and iOS:

Google Play – Google Translator
App Store – Google Translator



It’s a convenient and versatile app for you to write notes as soon as they pop into your head. You can save them in the form of text, voice recording, photography, and drawing. They’re stored in an online account which you can access anytime with your PC, phone or tablet. We’ve been using this app to write down what often appears written in this blog.


Evernote App


It’s available for Android, iOS and Windows Phone.
Sometimes when you’re offline, older notes are not accessible.

Google Play – Evernote
Windows Store – Evernote
App Store – Evernote



Can you imagine spending 14 hours straight on a bus with absolutely nothing to do?
Yeah, it’s not cute and there are only so many trees you can look at before starting twitching and going slowly insane.
If you like to read, this app allows you to save web pages that can be later accessed when you’re offline.

Available for Android, iOS and Windows Phone.

Google Play – Pocket
App Store – Pocket



The YouTube app allows to download videos to your phone so you can watch them later offline.
Quite cool! It can help you break the dullness of a long ass road trip.

Available for Android, iOS and Windows Phone.

Google Play – Youtube
Windows Phone – Youtube
App Store – Youtube




As you can see smartphones are here to help, they can become your best travel buddy especially if you’re traveling alone. Digital tools can make you pack lighter, avoid some of the logistic hassles of being on the road and entertain you. So gear up your phone with the travel apps that suit you and get to steppin’!

Nuno and Mario

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