Gravy  [grey-vee] / noun
The thing that adds flavor to life.

Tasting the gravy

Growing up in Europe came with its perks, namely: low-cost airlines.

The ease of traveling to a different country in a couple of hours turned us into travel addicts. But the 2-week vacation trips to neighboring countries became predictable and dull. We wanted distant whereabouts and clashing cultural exchanges somewhere on the other side of the world.

But then, as we started to fit the mold of responsible adults (long workweeks, car payments, regret) the dream of traveling the world got compromised. The more time passed, the more the opportunity to pick up a backpack and go seemed unfeasible.

Now or never

We decided to go for it in March 2016.
With a limited budget and humble travel qualifications,  we did what needed to be done:

• Money saving• Job quitting• Telling the family• Vaccination• Extensive planning

Fast-forward to now: it was the best decision we could have made! So here we are, actively demonstrating that neither money nor fear should stop you from doing it yourself.

How can this blog serve you

Planetgravy is all about making travel planning easy for you. The stories shared on the blog are real, and the strategies for stretching your money on the road do work!

We firmly believe that traveling on a budget doesn’t mean stinky dorm rooms and a stale sandwich from 7 Eleven  ̶  that's what we want to show and tell. If you're willing to be flexible, you don't need to be rich to have the best travel experiences.

What to expect from us

• City guides and itineraries• Money saving tips• Fee-free alternatives• Travel inspiration• Encouragement and support

So whether you’re planning your holiday or the trip of a lifetime, start now!
And while you’re at it, join us on the web so we can all be friends.