Thoughts and feelings about travel.

Mario playing while traveling

10 ways to keep the travel spirit alive

So you’ve returned home after a big trip, unpacked your stuff, and put away your passport in a drawer. Now what? Now…

Nuno being a good tourist in Bali.

Travel Etiquette: Good tourists vs Bad tourists

Tourism can be of great social, cultural, and economic value to everybody involved — the visitor and the visited. And a big part…

Monk walking alone in Laos

How traveling can break daily-routine, promote good habits (and change your life)

We can all agree that routines make our lives boring. That being said, not all routines are bad.…

Mario days before returning home

Returning Home after a long trip. Now what?

I remember getting all anxious and fidgety when the time to come back home got closer, I wanted to…

Introvert man alone staring at the Marble Temple in Bangkok

Travelling as an Introvert: Fostering My Personal Space For a Deeper Connection to the World

I’ve been wondering how has introversion hindered me from meeting people that could’ve…

Nuno and Mario seated in lotus position. One month of traveling

The first month of traveling

So one month has passed and we’re currently in Vietnam writing our first thoughts about a whole…