Whether you started by reading our Ultimate Aveiro Travel Guide, or just found this post at random, you should know that we’re delivering to you more than the average tourist experience in the city. If the first part was all about introducing Aveiro to get your trip started on the right foot, this part is all about the best accommodation, typical restaurants, and what to do late at night—either chilling after dinner or partying to the after-hours.

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Ria central canal in Aveiro



Due to the international exposure that Aveiro has gained in the last couple of years, tourist influx and accommodation have multiplied tenfold. Most options are located in the city center, around the Rossio area and Lourenço Peixinho avenue.

Still, and without knowing how much are you willing to spend on accommodation, we want to tip you off to the fact that most hotels and family-run housings in Aveiro are ridiculously overpriced. Sleeping in Aveiro is not exactly cheap when compared to other big Portuguese cities like Lisbon or Porto.


Ponto de Abrigo Aveiro


However, when Nuno and I travel we pick our accommodation based on price, proximity to the city center, and the reviews and comments on booking sites. Therefore, those were the criteria for our following selection:


Ponto de Abrigo: www.facebook.com/pontodeabrigo

Aveiro GuestHouse: www.facebook.com/aveiroguesthouse


Tip: If you plan to make your reservation through Booking or Agoda, double-check the prices in the respective Apps as it may be cheaper to book from there. We talked about this and much more on the post Travel Apps We Use and Love


What to Eat

You can try many recognizable Portuguese flavors in restaurants across Aveiro. However, the secular connection its people have with the sea enriched the local cuisine with unique dishes.


Fish market



There’s quality fresh fish everywhere in the city, but Maré Cheia is popular for knowing how to cook it well. Try the grilled fish, the fish stews, and the typical eels stew.

Dishes start at €16.
Closed on Wednesdays.



For traditional Portuguese meat dishes, we recommend 2 Duques (Closed on Sundays), Snack bar Picota, and Evaristo (Closed on Saturdays). They serve delicious homey food in generous portions, with prices starting at 7€.

At Cervejaria o Augusto in the Rossio, try the bifana—an old-school Portuguese snack of fine pork steak in a loaf of bread.

On the outskirts of Aveiro, on Bairrada, the roasted suckling pig is one of the most appreciated dishes. It can be a pricey meal (that we suggest you eat only when you visit Bairrada) but to have an idea of what it tastes like, eat a sandes de leitão (piglet sandwich) for €4,50 at Tasquinha do Leitão, in Praça do Peixe.


Leitao Sandes (suckling pig sandwich) from António dos Leitoes Porta Larga - Coimbra, Portugal


Burger Joints

If you’re in the mood for a good burger, head over to Revolta Hamburgueria, or to Porta 35 (a convenient option due to its location right in the Praça do Peixe).  

Cafe Ramona serves the most famous burgers in town, but getting a table around here on Fridays and Saturdays can be tricky. Closes on Sundays.


Hamburguer Ramona AveiroPhoto: Café Ramona


Vegetarian and Vegan

For our vegan friends, Vegifruit serves veggie options of soups, baguettes, and salads with fruit juices at great price deals. Closed on Sundays.

Other options are Musgo, Saladas+, and Ki a vegan and macrobiotic restaurant with desserts to die for. Closed on weekends.



Aveiro has to be the Portuguese city with more pastry and bakery shops per square meter. There’s at least one in every corner.


Ria Pão bakery


Try Ria Pão in the Rossio area, or Fanepão 88 closer to the Santa Joana Museum. You’ll find the counters brimming with cakes, pastries, cookies, and bread. To avoid the flood of people that come here from 4 PM to 6 PM, make it an early afternoon snack.


Aveiro pastry shot filled with cakes

On Lourenço Peixinho avenue, Pastelaria Ramos
 is known for the best cartuchos in town. We can describe them as gooey-chocolaty-cylinder-shaped-cakes filled with whipped cream. Yes, please!


Cartuchos de Aveiro


Ovos Moles

Every bakery and pastry shop around Aveiro sells the famous Ovos Moles and all its derivatives such as fios de ovos, castanhas de ovos, broas de ovos… we could keep going.


Ovos moles

Confeitaria Peixinho Aveiro


Nonetheless, locals say that some ovos moles are better than others, and the best are sold at Confeitaria Peixinho and Maria da Apresentação e Herdeiros, two neighboring stores right in the city center. 



Compared to the favored ovos moles, tripas are the underdogs of Aveiro sweets. Let’s just say that if tripas were in a band, they would be Kelly Rowland, and ovos moles would be Beyoncé.

Maybe it’s the unfortunate name “tripa” (that translates into “gut/ intestines”) that makes people apprehensive, but the truth is that these semi-baked-waffle-doughs from heaven, are the most comforting and versatile baked-sweets around town. You can eat them on their own with a dash of cinnamon on top, or take it to the next level with a filling of your choice such as chocolate, ovos moles, jam, ham and cheese, and the list goes on.


Mario eating a tripa

Our favorite filling is apple jam and cinnamon ’cause it tastes like warm apple pie. You can find them being sold until late at night on kiosks in the Praça do Peixe and around Aveiro beaches. Enjoy!


Ice cream

To nibble on some ice cream go over to Gelataria Milano or to Gelados de Portugal. You’ll find flavors like ovos moles, port wine, and Portuguese custard tart to name a few.


Although Aveiro is not exactly “the city that never sleeps”, we do know how to have a good time. At night, Praça de Peixe becomes the favorite spot for locals to hang out and have a drink.


Cais dos botirões at night

Most bars are closed during the day, but starting at 10:00 PM to around 3:00 AM music gets louder and the entire area gets occupied by the terraces of bars and cafes.


Praça do Peixe at night



Despite not abundant (and most quite small) bars cater music to suit almost every taste. Here are some of the best options:

Toc’aqui: Portuguese and international music from the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s. 

Kitten’s Irish Bar: One of Aveiro Irish pubs. It’s small and cozy with a wide selection of craft beers.

GuesthouseStands out for its good location and great terrace, perfect for hanging out with friends on sunny afternoons and warm summer nights.


terraces at night in Aveiro


Mercado Negro: In an old building with the façade facing the central canal of the ria is Mercado Negro: a bar with different areas distributed throughout an old apartment, and the only place during the winter where you can have a glass of red wine by the fire.

Mercado Negro houses several exhibitions and concerts throughout the year.

Má IdeiaChill place with alternative music and friendly staff.

Luxor Bar: An Egyptian themed bar with a sitting area and a dancing area. It’s located outside Praça do Peixe and has a cover charge.



If going to bed at 3 AM is for babies, here’s where you can go next:

Sal Club: At a walking distance from Praça do Peixe it’s the new acquisition to Aveiro night scene, that has gained a lot of popularity over the past year.

Estação da LuzConsidered one of the best nightclubs in Portugal. Cover charge is €10 and ladies nights are on Fridays.
It’s about a 15-minute taxi ride from Aveiro. Taxi fees should be around €10.


Discoteca Estaçao da LuzPhoto: Estação da Luz


Cultural Options

Teatro Aveirense has a cool theater agenda that you can check on their website: www.teatroaveirense.pt
In addition, they do weekly screenings of indie and classic films.


Teatro Aveirense


For good theater (albeit a more humble lineup) we recommend the Estaleiro Teatral, at the Infante D. Pedro Park.

For good travel photography and film, visit Trilhos da Terra.



If you have any question, feel free to leave us a comment or contact us
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